Training in 3D Modelling and Laser Scanning

KTH partner completed the 2 weeks training under the HERITAG 'Intensive Course in Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling', held on May 16-27, 2016 at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

The course was focused on practical applications of laser scanning techniques and 3D modelling of objects and monuments for documentation and dissemination purposes. A total of 13 selected participants attended the course: 3 persons each from NUACA, GTU and ISU, and 1 from ASUE, GSU, GeoGraphic and NACHPG.

Course outline is available at this link.

Training materials collected by Georgian participants (presentation pdfs, photo and video gallery, etc.) are available through project ftp. Please contact webmaster via email for decision on access to training materials.

For further details please contact Dr. Huaan Fan of KHT via the email at