Photogrammetry for Cultural Heritage Documentation

HERiTAG project is pleased to report the completion of the 2 weeks summer school training no. 4.5 entitled 'Photogrammetry for Cultural Heritage Documentation', organised by the partner Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Faculty of Engineering, Laboratory of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, School of Rural & Surveying Engineering, in cooperation with AUTH School of History and Archaeology, held on 19-30 June 2017 held in Vergina (week 1) and Thessaloniki (week 2), Greece. The training was organized in synergy between the EU Erasmus+ HERITAG and German Baden-Württemberg supported BWS projects.

The subjects covered by the summer school included documentation of an archaeological Eukleia site through photogrammetry (aerial and close range); laser scanning (terrestrial, mobile and desktop) and remote sensing and are comprehensively reported in the second project brochure, produced in the course of the training, available for download at HERⓘTAGⓔNEWS #02.

All training materials in English language, including fieldwork presentations, lecture videos, generated data and other materials are available through project ftp. These materials will be used by participating partners from Armenia and Georgia to develop similar curricular packages for their institutions in the field of photogrammetry in support of cultural heritage documentation. Please contact via email for decision on access to training materials.

Training program is available at this link.