Basic GIS for Economics and Tourism WEEK 1

GIS and RS Consulting Center GeoGraphic is pleased to report the completion of the WEEK 1 of the HERITAG training course entitled 'Basic GIS for Economics and Tourism'.

This course is designed for teaching staff of HERITAG partner universities, focused in economics and tourism, introducing the basic concepts of GIS with a practical focus, and aiming to learn how to develop geographic information systems for tourism and cultural heritage management and applications.

The course is organised by GeoGraphic, with collaboration of teachers from GTU, ISU and NACHPG.

The 1st half of the training was conducted in the last week of April 25-29, 2016 and included the following modules:

I. Getting Started with GIS
II. GIS Tools and Functionality

and these standard ESRI introductory courses, delivered by GeoGraphic's certified trainers, were enriched by thematic keynote presentations shared by experienced Georgian GIS practitioners:

  • GIS in ecotourism and conservation planning: 4 cases of protected areas in Georgia (Tamar Bakuradze, GeoGraphic)
  • Application of geospatial tools to enrich cultural heritage interpretation and tourism product delivery (Irakli Ugulava, ISU)

The training was held at the GIS Class of the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Georgian Technical University (GTU), 2nd Floor, Campus III, Kostava 77, Tbilisi, GEORGIA.

All training materials in English language (tutor and screen videos, training book 1, presentation and lecture powerpoints, list of participants, photo gallery, etc.) are available through project ftp. Please contact webmaster via email for decision on access to training materials.

Training program is available at this link.