Workshop in New Teaching Methods

HERiTAG project is pleased to report the completion of the 3 days workshop no. 6.2 on 'New Teaching Methods', hosted by the partner Goris State University (GSU), held on 14-16 May 2018 at GSU, Goris, Armenia.

The subjects covered by the training workshop included active learning methods, teaching methods, interactive teaching practices, GIS learning methods, new syllabi and methods on GiT for cultural heritage and tourism, best practices in university teaching, quality assurance system, online learning system, plans and issues with introducing new teaching methods, business plan and startup creation. Contents were delivered by academics and teaching experts from partner European, Armenian and Georgian universities KTH, ASUE, NUACA, ISU, GTU, UNIBO, AUTH, GSU, UPV.

GSU GIS Laboratory was opened during the workshop on 15 May 2018 by the Rector of Goris State University and the Project Coordinator.

All workshop materials in English language, including presentations, lecture videos and other materials are available through project intranet. Please contact via email for decision on access to training materials.

Workshop program is available at this link.