Training Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Tourism

HERITAG project is pleased to report the completion of the 1 week training workshop no. 4.3 entitled 'Entrepreneurship in Tourism', organised by UPV partner and project coordinator on October 31-04 November 2016, València, Spain, held at the IDEAS-UPV Institute of the Universitat Politècnica de València.

This training workshop was concerned with the important subjects for entrepreneurship in the tourism sector, such as teambuilding and business ideation, deals between companies and customers, business model generation, spinoff creation, market segmentation and customer development, value proposition, internationalisation, microcredits, sales and marketing, financials, business planning and competitiveness. The workshop was concluded with the informative visit to learn the STARTUPV. Participants were given the opportunity to develop business ideas and delivering them through joint presentations.

A total of 20 participants attended the workshop from partners ASUE (2 participants), GSU (2), NUACA (2), RUMEA (1), SERF (2) and UITO (1) from Armenia, partners BSU (3), GTU (2), ISU (2), NACHPG (1) and SkyT (1) from Georgia and the partner KTH (1) from Sweden.

All training materials in English language, including lecturer presentations, participant presentations and others are available through project ftp. These materials will be used by participating partners from Armenia and Georgia to develop similar curricular packages for their institutions in the filed of tourism entrepreneurship and start-up development. Please contact via email for decision on access to training materials.

Training program is available at this link.