Georgia Project Board Meeting 03

At the request of the coordinating partner GeoGraphic on 20 January 2017 Georgian partners conducted the regular project board meeting no. 03, hosted at its office by the partner SkyTravel, Tbilisi.

Georgia partners project board was invited to discusaas the following points: (1) agree social survey forms for deliverable 1.2; (2) review survey respondents lists; (3) suggest potential members of Advisory Board in Georgia; (4) discuss issues of Advisory Board charter; (5) ongoing training activities and plans; (6) financial reporting for year 1.

All Tbilisi-based partner representatives (GTU, ISU, GeoGraphic, NACHPG and SkyTravel) attended the Project Board Meeting 03. Batumi-based partner (BSU) could not participate due to objective reason (travel logistics). Agenda, materials and minutes of the meeting are available at project FTP repository, folder WP_01.